The practice was born of a dream of ours, in which he always wanted to offer a high quality medicine, modern and could reach all ansejos of patients, always with great respect and ethics. Our space was designed with as much detail, so we could have a bold and functional structure. As can treat our patients with comfort and description.

The consultations are scheduled with an interval of two hours between each patient, causing the office to become exclusive, and the patient has total privacy during the most sublime moment which is a medical consultation.

A friendly well designed, mixing the modern with the classic causes the patient to have an optimal environment for reading books and quality magazines. The query environment provides lightness and seriousness, good conditions for a medical interview.

We have an exam room procedures and fully equipped so we can conduct a physical examination, photographing the pre-and postoperatively as well as perform minor surgery and cosmetic procedures. Our office is located in Building Torre Santos Dumont, the best office building in the state with an efficient security system, private parking and highly trained personnel to better serve them.